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Mauriceau, The diseases of women with child, and in child-bed: as also, The best

Mauriceau, Francois: The diseases of women with child, and in child-bed: as also, The best means of helping them in natural and unnatural labours. With fit remedies for several indispositions of new-born babes. To which is prefix'd an exact description of the parts of generation in women. A work much more perfect, than any now extant, and very necessary for all, especially midwives and men practising that art. The seventh edition corrected, and augmented with several new figures, and with the description of an excellent instrument to bring a child that comes right... Translated by Hugh Chamberlen. London, Printed for Cox and Clarke, 1736. 1 Frontispz, 9 (8 gefaltete) Kupfertafeln, XLIV, 375 (falsch 373), (7) S. Neuer Pappband. Teilweise braunfleckig.

Blake 293; Waller 6361; Wellcome IV, 86; Dawson 4005; Garrison/Morton 6147 (EA 1668; Englische EA 1672); Fasbender 159 zur EA: "ausgezeichnetes Werk"; vgl. Speert, Obstetrics, u. a. S. 271 und 274. - "The outstandig textbook of the time. Mauriceau (1637-1709), leading obstetrician of his day, introduced the practice of delivering his patients in bed instead of in the obstetrical chair. It was Mauriceau that Hugh Chamberlen attempted to sell the secret of his forceps; Ch. translated the Traité into English in 1672. This book established obstetrics as a science" (Garrison/Morton). - Zum Frontispiz führt Speert 274 aus: "The perce-crâne and tire-tête of Fr. M., instruments for perforating and extracting the fetal head".

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