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33574AB Abe, Minimalist Syntax for Quantifier Raising, Topicalization and Focus Movement 14,--  Order
34VB Abel, Visual Lunar and Planetary Astronomy. 11,--  Order
36432AB Abramian, Nonlinear Dynamics of Discrete and Continuous Systems. 23,--  Order
1311MB Abramovich, Computational Experiment Approach to Advanced Secondary Mathematics 13,--  Order
312VB Ackers, Mobile Professional Voluntarism and International Development. 9,--  Order
61VB Adams, Under Observation: The Interplay Between eHealth and Surveillance. 22,--  Order
162VB Addo, Core Labour Standards and International Trade. 16,--  Order
25VB Adelman, Equestrian Cultures in Global and Local Contexts. 16,--  Order
8293JB Agassiz, Introduction to the Study of Natural History. 18,--  Order
28VB Ahlswede, Combinatorial Methods and Models. 19,--  Order
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